Staff Specialists

Every employee with Shiloh Enterprises maintains a high level of expertise in their respective field. The company retains only the best professionals in the industry. Many of Shiloh's employees have been with the company many years and contribute at various levels towards completion of a project.

Shiloh's commitment to the advancement of its employees is as strong as its employees commitment to the successful completion of each project. The company continues to practice a "team oriented" approach on each project encouraging employee involvement, cost efficiency suggestions, and decision making. This approach allows Shiloh, as well as the subcontractors we are supervising, to offer a top quality service at the most economical price.

THOMAS M. PRESTON - Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned professional architect with 30+ years experience in architectural design, construction, and project development. Read More »

STEVEN PRESTON - President and Project Manager

As Construction Supervisor for Shiloh Enterprises, Inc., Mr. Preston's responsibilities in- clude an array of construction assign ments and construction management duties. Read More »